Cleanup at Dadonghai to mark 2019 World Environntme Day
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To celebrate World Environment Day, which falls on June 5th annually, a ceremony for the launch of a Sanya Pilot "Waste-Free City" Program, as well as for the launch of a "National Model City Ecological Civilization Construction Project" was held at Dadonghai Square on June 5th, 2019. 



A series of environmental protection events, including a "2019 Pollution Control Campaign," the "First Sanya City Cleaning Day," and a Plastic Reduction Campaign, were launched onsite. These events aimed to raise awareness in the local community on environmental protection, and to help promote the construction of "ecological civilization" in the city.


Zhou Yanhua, Vice Mayor of the Sanya Municipal People's Government, delivered a speech at the launch ceremony. She said that Sanya has been included on a list of the first eleven pilot cities nationwide to qualify for a new "zero-waste" construction project. Sanya is the only city in the province to be selected for the project. 


Zhou Yanhua, Vice Mayor of the Sanya Municipal People’s Government delivered a speech at the launch ceremony.


A healthy environment is essential for the sustainable development of Sanya City, and also an important element in the construction of the Hainan International Pilot Free Trade Zone and the Hainan Free Trade Port with Chinese characteristics. Sanya will continue to strengthen ecological environment protection, draw medium-and long-term plans for the construction of a national "waste-free city" project, and to become a model city for “national ecological civilization construction,” as well as to support the construction of Hainan as a "national ecological civilization pilot zone."


Fan Mu, Director of the Sanya Ecological Environment Bureau


Fan Mu, Director of the Sanya Ecological Environment Bureau, said that the government, along with environmental protection organizations, enterprises, and citizens could form a joint force for environmental protection via a series of "public green" events. He expressed his hope that through this event, more and more people will become more conscious of environmental protection in their daily lives.



More public initiatives dedicated to environmental protection will be carried out across the city within the year, with active participation of tourism-related enterprises, environmental protection organizations, schools, and rural attractions.  


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